Air to Water & Energy Savings

SEAS is a technology company, characterized by excellence in design, systems and manufacturing. SEAS has developed applications, solutions and systems dedicated to producing high quality water from ambient air, intended for human, agricultural and industrial use. At the same time, the thermal energy produced by SEAS Systems creates HIGH ENERGY SAVINGS allowing a significant financial return on investment.

SEAS uses multiple technological condensation and absorption systems that are continuously being improved through ongoing research and development, all focused on increasing the volume of water produced and reducing operating costs.

SEAS offers tailor-made customer solutions based on customer information and data, addressing water production, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency and savings.

SEAS is an environmentally sustainable company that respects the environment and reduces CO2 emissions and the use of plastics. SEAS Systems have little or no environmental impact, allowing for immediate availability of high quality, safe drinking water anywhere in the world where it is needed and when it is needed.

SEAS systems can be powered by renewable photovoltaic or wind power, electrical generators or conventional electrical grid systems.

An important part of SEAS technology is achieving high water quality, which is achieved by means of state of the art water treatment equipment and capabilities. This makes it possible to obtain safe water and maintain it throughout the production cycle.

SEAS systems represent the solution in those locations where there are no other sources of water, or where there is water scarcity or where the water is polluted.

SEAS Systems represent a true and endless energy sustainable approach to the production of clean water, with an optimal balance between low energy consumption, water for life and respect for the environment.

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