SEAS Global Assistance

SEAS ensures a world-class customised service, supported by a wide range of technical and professional skills that make SEAS a reliable, flexible partner, capable of offering special, dedicated assistance throughout the world.

You can be sure that your water production system will be supported by highly skilled professionals.

SEAS Modula Water Systems

SEAS Service Solutions

Installation & Start Up

SEAS can rely on a team of engineers particularly skilled in installation and set in motion start up of the our water production system.


Any assistance required will be provided on site by our technical staff, while any repairs will be carried out at our closest office. SEAS will directly provide to the replacement of any component.

After Sales Assistance

SEAS can offer personalized diagnostic solutions, as well as a thorough technical assistance for mobile equipment, modular stand-alone units, and any integrated system. Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

SEAS Maintenance Contract

A high level of efficiency can only be guaranteed through regular system maintenance and the preservation of the starting system conditions.

SEAS maintenance contract covers a monthly inspection, either by satellite connection or online check; a three-monthly online predictive check on a date to be preventively agreed upon with the customer, aimed at verifying the correct operation of each component and the constant compliance of the produced water with the applicable legal and sanitary requirements; and an inspection by one of our technicians every six months to verify water quality, including a general system check and the identification of any wornout or critical components. All the carried out activities out will be duly documented.