Water for Life

SEAS Water from Air


SEAS, Société de l’Eau Aérienne Suisse, S.A., is a Swiss company based in Lugano, with offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

We are technology-driven with a strong focus on engineering, design, systems and manufacturing excellence for the production of machinery and systems which produce water from air.

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We produce clean, healthy water where and when it is needed most. Our systems are in perfect balance with low energy consumption, water for life, and environmental awareness and sensitivity.

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Extensive R&D

SEAS’s technological expertise is based upon years of internal research and development and years of university studies, aimed at the design and production of advanced systems for industrial-scale and efficient water production from air.

Customizable Systems

SEAS offers customized solutions based on the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Energy Saving Systems

SEAS is a “green company” that respects the environment and provides energy and cost saving opportunities for customers.

“Annual global water requirements will reach 6,900bn m3 in 2030 – 40% above current sustainable water supplies.”

Global Trends 2030 – Alternative Worlds (2013)

SEAS Services

Installation & Setup

SEAS can rely on a team of engineers particularly skilled in installation and set in motion start up of the our water production system.


Any assistance required will be provided on site by our technical staff, while any repairs will be carried out at our closest office. SEAS will directly provide to the replacement of any component.

After Sales Assistance

SEAS can offer personalized diagnostic solutions, as well as a thorough technical assistance for mobile equipment, modular stand-alone units, and any integrated system. Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

SEAS Maintenance Contract

A high level of efficiency can only be guaranteed through regular system maintenance and the preservation of the starting system conditions.


There is no shortage of applications for SEAS Systems for human, industrial, and agricultural needs.

For consumers of bottled water.
For local communities in areas without a dependable supply of clean water.
For the energy, mining, and construction industries and generally for remote workforce housing accomodations (e.g. deep water and onshore oil fields, mining operations, construction sites, etc.)
For cleaning of solar panels in large MW fields in remote areas.
For cleaning and cooling heavy machinery (e.g. oil field and pipeline compressors).
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