Building Integrated Machine (BIM)

Integrated system for WATER from AIR production and active Thermal Energy RECOVERY for ventilation systems.

BIM is a system intended for easy integration into buildings, such as, residential, industrial, gyms, pools, factories, and other applications.

BIM provides at the same time and at a low cost:

  • Controlled Mechanical Ventilation;
  • Variable contribution for domestic water heating;
  • High quality water from air production;
  • Purification and mineralization of the produced water and / or water coming from other sources of supplying;
  • Zero PET bottle use.

The system effectiveness permits to repay the investment in a very short time and permits an important savings/gain over 10 years.

  • Water Extraction from air and water treatment SEAS experience.
  • Oriented to maximum energy savings.
  • Based on advanced Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) main concepts.
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BIM Water Systems